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What is FRANK?

The FRANK food safety system is helping food businesses manage the safety of the food that they serve to their customers, in aged care, retail and food production businesses – FRANK is an easy to use app, used by food handlers to enter food safety information such as critical temperatures and times for food production, just as importantly any corrective action needed is recorded on screen and initiated straight away by staff.

The FRANK system ensures that records are legible, can be accessed from anywhere when required and provides weekly reports to businesses to ensure continued compliance and accountability to regulatory authorities such as local council.

The FRANK system also now has the ability to help food businesses to control and manage allergens in the food they sell, set up in a simple and easy to access way for staff, allergens can be identified quickly and relevant information provided to customers so that they can make informed decisions regarding the food on offer.

Currently FRANK is part of the food safety management system used by food businesses who produce more than half a million meals a year in a safer manner.

FRANK is cost effective, easy to set up and manage, and also saves management/staff time – and as FRANK is tablet based, businesses find a significant saving in paper usage.

For more information on how the FRANK system can help you in your food business, contact James on 0424 252 582 or go to the website at   function checkWholeForm(theForm) { var why = ""; if (theForm.EmailAddress) if (theForm.EmailAddress.value.length > 0) why += checkEmail(theForm.EmailAddress.value); if (theForm.CaptchaV2) why += isEmpty(theForm.CaptchaV2.value, "Enter Word Verification in box below"); if (why != "") { alert(why); return false; } return true; } //