Kitchen Training

Why is kitchen training important?

Running a food operation may be an extremely complicated task and businesses face tough situations at every step. The heart of any food operation is the kitchen. The businesses that have effective and efficient kitchen management systems enjoy better profits and reputation. To overcome all the hurdles that you may be facing in running your kitchen effectively, it is important that your kitchen staff are well trained and understand the nuances of running a kitchen efficiently. Kitchen training provided by Food Safety Systems bridges the gap between the desired skill set and the existing skills that staff have, thereby improving the overall effectiveness of the whole operation.

Our kitchen-training program is comprehensive and includes every aspect of effective kitchen set up and management. After successful completion of the kitchen training program the kitchen staff will be in a better position to create great dishes using the best time management and within estimated cost. Not only will our kitchen training improve productivity, but it will also help maintain food safety and quality. For any company that cooks and serves food, kitchen training is an extremely important, and helps to give great results all round.

What is the scope of kitchen training?

Food Safety Systems is a company that advises on food service operations from kitchen set up, finding suppliers, training staff, standard recipe development, the right kitchen flow, what is likely to work for your kitchen, and what is not.If you are considering setting up a new catering operation, or renovating an old one, we can help with all the details such as kitchen flow, choice of the right equipment, kitchen setup, how many staff to employ, writing rosters, getting suppliers, creating standard recipe cards, and advice on food safety aspects for your particular situation.

Food Safety Systems can provide a mystery guest service for your hospitality business or any business where customer satisfaction and retention is vital. At Food Safety Systems, we understand that a little advice from someone experienced in the food industry can be a great boost for your business and can save you alot of money, time and effort.

Why Food Safety Systems is the best choice for kitchen training?

James Shepherd, founder of Food Safety Systems, has a diverse background in the hospitality industry with international exposure in the United Kingdom, France, Australia, and Asia.

James has also run his own food production business and been exposed to various food service systems including cook chill and Sous vide. Apart from his qualifications as a chef, James holds qualifications for National Food Safety Auditor (NFSA level 4), from Exemplar Global, is an authorised 3rd party auditor for the NSW Food Authority, is approved as food auditor by Queensland Health, and also holds Environmental Health Officer qualifications.

By combining our industry knowledge of food safety within Australia, and with current practices we are able to bring to our clients cost effective and practical solutions. Understanding all aspects of kitchen production, and kitchen flow enables us to communicate to all levels of staff in a consultative way.